Adore Your Health/Body: Customize Your Running Route this Spring

The smell of spring is in the air here in Madison, Wisconsin. The sidewalks are full of runners, and the grass is packed with kids playing football, Frisbee, and enjoying the sixty plus degree weather.

After being bundled up in winter attire for so long I decided to break out the shorts and my pink, yes pink, running shoes and take advantage of the beautiful day

I found a love for running, working out, and taking care of myself when I started college. Running has become an outlet for me to relieve stress and sort through my thoughts. I never believed I would be a runner, but it has become a part of me and my life. is a free website for everyone who likes to exercise and track their progress. is unique because it allows the user to track a route down to the small hidden side streets, and also measures the total distance of the route. Online communities are also available to share routes, tips, and to challenge other users. has become a staple in my workout routine, and I love coming up with new routes to keep my runs interesting, and fun. 

Spring has sprung and it’s nice to see people have come out of hibernation and taken to the streets to get their run on. 

What is your favorite way to get outside and exercise? Do you use any web outlets to track your progress?


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