Adore Your Life: What I’m Loving Today-Pintrest

Pintrest. We’ve all heard of it, but what is this new social media sensation?

Unlike other social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to be a part of Pintrest, a request to be invited by Pintrest itself or a friend is required. Once you’ve been invited you are able to explore everything Pintrest has to offer. 

Pintrest covers topics including but not limited to fitness, fashion, recipes, beauty, history, technology, and  sports. Anything that you could possibly think of is on Pintrest, and if it’s not there the best part is that you can add it!

A profile on Pintrest is made of boards that you can “pin”  and “re-pin” material you find from your current or new friends, or information you find yourself.  You can also comment and like a pin. Pins are mostly pictures, but there are also inspiring quotes or other materials that go on themed boards that you create. 

Pintrest is fun because it is a community of people that share ideas. Pintrest finds people you know automatically  by looking at who you connect with on other social media platforms (although you can still do the old fashioned search to find specific friends.)

Pintrest is constantly changing and uploading new information from users so you almost never see the same things twice. I’m still getting to know the ropes of Pintrest, but my best advice to give to new users is to use it a couple minutes a day. When I first heard of Pintrest I really didn’t understand the point, and now I use it as an outlet for creative inspiration. Pintrest is really what you make it, there isn’t a formula for using it correctly, but once you start I guarantee you wont be able to stop!

Go on get pinning!

What are you thoughts on Pintrest? Do you use it? 


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