Living and Loving Your Dream

Moving to New York City to pursue a career in journalism is an exciting and challenging feat, and is possible as we can see from Catherine Q. O’Neill, Allure Magazine’s beauty assistant, and writer for her own blog Voguerrilla that focuses on her moments of awe in working in the New York fashion and beauty industry.

As we all know Allure Magazine is the go to for all things beauty and advice from hair to makeup. Celebrity news, beauty trends, and the where-to-buy products can be found in the magazine and online component, and Ms. O’Neill is an example of coming from across the country to chase your dreams to work and do the things that you love.

Her story gives young women (aka people like myself) drive to follow their dreams to move to New York City upon graduation, which just happens to be right around the corner. She has shown me that with a little hard work and determination anything can be accomplished. Catherine has a similar story to myself, graduate from high school, go to college for journalism and move across the country to work for a magazine in the concrete jungle itself.

I just recently started this blog (Adore), and look to inspirations from other bloggers including Catherine’s for examples on good content and ways to give you the readers a different look at a topic.

My goal is only half accomplished and as soon as I graduate I’ll be on a plane to find my dreams and path in life, but in the mean time I think its great for other bloggers out there like myself to learn from people like Catherine who have a foot in the door and know about the industry.

View Catherine’s Blog

Follow Catherine on Twitter @catquinn

Who do you look for to get inspired?


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