Glamour Magazine: Your One Stop Shop for Advice from Fashion to Relationships

Glamour Magazine makes number one on my list of top 5 magazines because it has just about anything a girl could want in around 300 glossy pages.

There is nothing worse than opening up a magazine and seeing products that are outrageously expensive and models that I and most American women will never be close to looking like. The advice and information the editors at Glamour give is the best of the best and really accommodates every woman, by suggesting products that I can actually go to my local drug store and buy.

Not only does Glamour contain advice about fashion, health, beauty, sex and love, but they do it in a fun way. Every article and every page is set up in a way to make me want to actually read the content and not just glimpse through the pictures.

At just $3.99 Glamour Magazine is my go to magazine every month to get my healthy dose of advice from relationships to whats hot for spring!

What is your all time favorite magazine?


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