Adore Your Health: Fitness Magazine

Bikini season is only a couple months away, so like any girl I’m looking to get my body in shape by working out and eating healthy. This seems like a fool proof plan until barbecues and summer night bonfires start.

My go to magazine to keep motivated to get my bikini ready body is Fitness Magazine.  The tips, tricks and advice are all ideas the reader can incorporate into their every day life. What I really like about the magazine is how it customizes the information to specific workout routines and lifestyles. Instead of finding the right jeans to fit your body, I can find out what is the right running shoe to wear on my specific workout.

Not only does Fitness cover the best workouts, but they also discuss skin care, fashion, and other advice which makes them a well rounded go-to magazine to keep motivated about working out and eating healthy. Every month I look forward to the new content, and what new tricks I can implement in my routine already to lead a healthier lifestyle, and most importantly get swimsuit ready!

What is your favorite health and wellness magazine?


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