Adore Your Life: My Go To Content Driven Magazine

There are plenty of magazines out there that talk about the same  fashion focused, health and beauty content making it hard to find differentiation between them.

Personally when I’m reading a magazine I get in different moods as to what I actually want to get out of them, which is why I have at least 5 I go to for different reasons. Marie Claire Magazine makes the list by a good mix of photographs that make me flip the glossy pages, but includes more than pictures that keep me wanting to read more.

The content Marie Claire provides through the pages of each issue can leave me reading the magazine for the whole month (making the $3.50/issue way worth it!). Other magazines I can go through in a day skimming the pictures and captions, but Marie Claire provides interesting and relate-able articles that are sometimes 2-3 pages long. The articles have such great content that you cant help but not read each and every one.  Of course the editorial fashion spreads, and photographs of beauty products help to add some color and life to the pages, but it is the content and stories that really give the magazine differentiation from the others like it. The reader can read a story and really come out of it having a clear understanding of how to use a product, or a full answer to a question they might have.

Marie Claire is my go to magazine on those rainy days when you want to curl up with a good read, or even on a sunny afternoon at the park after class. Either way you wont be disappointed with the content  from the experts at Marie Claire.

What magazine do you spend all month reading?


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