Adore Your Style: Ombre Hair to Take You From Summer To Fall

Looking for a new “do” to make your hair pop this summer? Making changes to your hair color can be risky but fun at the same time.

I was looking for a new look that would take me from summer into fall with little to no maintenance. I am a natural brunette so opting for a full head of highlights for summer would be extremely damaging and a lot of upkeep.

I decided to hop on the ombre hair trend (for those of you who are not in with  hair lingo, ombre is having lighter more highlighted hair on the bottom and dark hair towards the crown of your head.) Celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian and  Rachael Bilson have been seen sporting the look.

The blonde/light brown has summer written all over the bottom, and darker tones on top that will carry you into fall. The trick is to make the transition smooth. I would suggest professional help to get you started but the great part about an ombre is you can do the touch up roots yourself without having to go into the salon.

So if your looking for a great summer hair color and want to opt for something other than traditional highlights find a color combo that works for you!

Would you get an ombre hair color?




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