Adore Your Life: Dedicate Yourself to a Hobby

After graduating from college and experiencing “the real world” I thought it was time to think of what I really enjoy out of life, other than thinking about school 24/7.

Writing, fashion, and being healthy are all passions of mine, but I wanted to find something new that I felt just as passionate about to add to that list.

Photography has always been one of those things that I’ve taken classes on and enjoy doing, but have never really taken the time to become good at. I love going on Facebook and Pintrest and seeing not just pictures, but pictures that have been planned and thought out.

My goal is to take photographs that go above and beyond the ordinary and share them with all of you through this blog and my other social platforms, and turn photography into a passion of mine.

I challenge you to take that one thing in your life that you are just okay at and become great at it. Who knows maybe it will unlock doors to possibilities you have never dreamed of.

What is something you would love to be more passionate about?


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