Adore Your Health: Easy Sweet Treat with Less Calories

I’m no Betty Crocker. Cooking or baking to me is taking whatever comes out of the box and throwing it in the oven. The box lists off simple directions to follow and its almost fool proof. Almost. 

I recently made a huge decision and moved to the Big Apple. Well technically I’m three hours north of New York City, but I still like to think of myself as a New Yorker. I mean I do have a New York Address.

My boyfriend has a full time job and since I’m still looking for that great journalism opportunity to jump start my career I spend most of my days sitting on my computer filling out applications. Being that the other day was our anniversary I thought I would put my fears of cooking aside and try something new and simple to surprise him with when he got home from work.

Fruit Pizza. A simple summer dessert.

I went online to find a simple recipe for fruit pizza and thought since I’m a health nut I wanted to make the recipe with less calories so I could still enjoy the dessert to. (And it never hurts that when your boyfriend isn’t home you can make things “low fat” and he will never know if you destroy the evidence)


Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Crust

Low Fat Cream Cheese 8 oz

Fat Free Whipped Topping

Assortment of fruit

I spread out the cookie dough in a  greased 13×9 pan (so the cookie wouldn’t stick) and baked the dough just as if I were making cookies. After that cooled I whipped the low fat cream cheese and fat free whipped topping together and spread a generous amount on top of the cookie. I had grapes, strawberries and mandarin oranges laying around the house, but you can use your favorite fruit or whatever fruit is in season.

My boyfriend LOVED and was so surprised that I actually made something from scratch. Well of course I left out the fact that the dough was pre-made.

This is great for a party or just a healthy snack for around the house. Remember you can always take recipes and substitute for ingredients that are lower in fat and calories and I guarantee nine times out of ten no one will know the difference.

Happy Friday everyone. Adore Your Weekend!

What is your favorite summertime dessert?




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