Adore Your Life: Put Some New Shoes On


Fall is almost here. I say almost because September and October are bipolar months. One day you can be sporting your new boots with a skinny jean, but you need to keep your shorts and tanks close by for that occasional sweltering summer day.

In other words this can be the perfect running weather. After making a huge move to New York I am ready to get back on track with my half marathon goal which of course means new running shoes.

If you run five to six times a week you know your shoes wear out fast.  When I purchase a new pair of running shoes I like to keep my other pairs on hand. Even though they are not perfect it’s nice not to ruin your new pair of shoes during a snowy or rainy day, and I just couldn’t part with my first pink shoes that started my love for running.

For those sunny perfect fall days I bought a pair of bright coral/orange Nike running shoes.  I’m no running expert so I tend to stick with an average running shoe. These I bought from JCPenny  for under $100. I love these shoes because they have a unique style to them which are perfect for my runs on the road and still stay fashionable on  my run to the grocery store with my yoga pants.

No more excuses about sweltering summer weather, go out and get a fashionable and functional pair of shoes  for fall!

What are your favorite work out shoes?


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