Adore Your Health: Stop making excuses

It’s day 4 of my half marathon training program. Yesterday was  designated as “strength and core” day, meaning I had to do abs and muscle toning exercises. Supposedly this helps in the long run or I would assume they wouldn’t have me looking like a scorpion on the floor working my core.

The ab workout  I could handle, but then the program wanted me to do all these fancy exercises with weights and equipment. I just moved into an apartment and there is no way I could even fit a workout machine in the living room if I wanted to. The old me would have said oh well I guess I should skip this day, but the new and inspired woman that I’m turning into (at least I’d like to think so) stopped making excuses and looked everywhere for ways to accomplish the exercises.

Because I am poor and have absolutely no room for extra spending, instead of going out and buying a new set of free weights I took to half gallon milk containers and filled them with water and stuck them in the freezer. After the water froze they acted like a great free weight for my arm and leg exercises.

And let me tell you I know it worked because I can barely sit here and write this blog because every muscle in my body is yelling at me. 

So STOP making excuses and be creative! When I am ready to lift more weights I’m going to upgrade to a gallon container 😉

Adore your Health everyone!!!

What things to do you to spice up your exercise routine?


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