Adore Your Life: Fall TV Season Premieres

It’s officially fall. Not only does the weather say so, but the new line up of fall TV is looking to be outstanding.

Ever since the season finale of “Once Upon a Time” on ABC I  have been on pins and needles waiting for last night’s season premiere and it did not disappoint. If you are new to the show it is a play on our classic fairy tales. The characters due to a curse get transported to our world and until last night did not know that they were fairy tale characters. The curse was broken and now the real battle begins to get their happy ending. 

Another show piloted their first episode and thanks to DVR I got to watch it this morning.  I’m sure you have at least seen the preview since ABC did a fabulous job with the promotion of their Sunday night lineup.  “666 Park Avenue” is an intriguing breath of fresh air. For a girl who is normally keeping up with the Kardashians I was pleasantly surprised with the mysterious elements and plot of the show. It seems that Gavin, the owner of The Drake Hotel,  has control over the residents, and has just obtained two new treasures Jane and Henry. 

Needless to say Sunday nights in front of my television are sure to become a staple in my fall agenda. With my air popper close by I can almost smell the popcorn, seduction, and fairy tales of next week.

As ABC would say in their previews, indulge on Sunday night with a great lineup of fall tv.


What show are you looking forward to most this fall? 


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