Adore Your Style: Leather…Yup It’s Back

    • Trend Alert: Leather. Rock it out this Fall in Wearable Pieces. 

      We’ve been waiting for fall……well since summer started. It’s time to break out the booties, leggings, and embrace this season’s hottest trend…..leather.

      Leather has been a strong prescence this fall on the runway, red carpet and in stores across the country. The great thing about this repeating trend is that this time around, you can wear leather in classy and sophisticated ways. Dare we say you can even rock it at work!

      The key is to not over do it (aka avoid becoming a fashion don’t by dressing in it head to toe.) Besides it may be getting colder outside, butt leather can still be hot and uncomfortable, which is why this season designers had you in mind by adding touches of leather to your classic pieces. 

      Add an edge to a flowy dress with a cropped leather jacket for date night. Looking for a more sophicated look? Try a shirt with leather panneling on the front and a mesh back. The key is to find a statment piece and then pair it with other classics in your wardrobe. If you are feeling adventerous, try leather in different colors than classic black. A pop of red will really make a statment. 

      Whether you are going on a hot date or to the grocery store bring out your inner rockstar with leather this season!

      What do you think of the leather trend?


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