Adore Your Health: Take This New Year By Storm!

January is almost over. How are you doing with that New Years Resolution to lose the weight, get to the gym or eat better?

I’l have to admit the eating better thing for me hasn’t been as disciplined as it could be, but getting to the gym….now that is something I am taking by storm. 

I joined my local YMCA and for $35/month I get access to new equipment to keep up with my running and it includes all classes. 

I never thought of myself as a “class” sort of person. I was always the independent I don’t want anyone to look at me kind of type. Until I discovered spinning. 

Spinning has changed my life. Everyone in the class is supportive, not judgmental  The instructor was helpful in setting up my bike and my first class I biked 16 miles. Granted I could barely walk the next day, but to use a new set of muscles and to have an instructor to push me to a level I never thought I could was liberating. 

Now I’m not saying everyone has to join a class, but if you were like me, afraid of working out with people, or having an instructor push you to your limit I say its a new year to get over that fear!

Hope to see you all at the gym!


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