Adore Your Style: The Classic Look that is Chanel


Photo from Pinterest

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel

From the timeless tweed jacket to the classic leather bag, owning a Chanel anything has been my dream since I can remember.

Chanel is three things, classic, elegant and timeless.  It’s hard to believe that this famous french designer grew up in an orphanage where she learned to sew. I grew up in a normal family household and I can’t even sew a button on my coat.

One of my bucket list pieces is to own a Chanel tweed jacket. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel created the tweed jacket which was a revolution of the time in the 1950’s to allow women to not only look amazing but for the jacket to be a functional part of her wardrobe. Karl Lagerfeld took over the creative studio and the jacket took on new colors and embroidery and is still a classic piece any girl would love to have hanging in her closet.

In 1921, Chanel No. 5 was created and let me tell you ladies, I never thought of this but we should all take Chanel’s advice and place our perfume where we would like to be kissed. Basically, now instead of just getting out of the shower and just spraying my neck, the rest of  the body should get some perfume love and who knows maybe some actual loving will follow. It’s worth a shot, I mean she was a fashion genius so she must know a thing or two on perfume placement. If that isn’t enough, Marilyn Monroe revealed in 1952 that she only wears No. 5 to bed, and today Brad Pitt is the first man to endorse the perfume. Moral of the story, go to the store, yep right now, pick up some No. 5 and see where the night takes you.

I literally dream about owning the iconic Chanel quilted black bag, with the chain strap and of course the Chanel crisscrossed “C’s” displayed prominently on the front. In 1955, Chanel designed the infamous quilted handbag with the chain strap to allow for a strong, light handbag that allowed a lady to have her hands remain free.

At this point I figure I’m young, who needs an apartment and food when I could be saving for a Chanel handbag, right?

I could go on and on about how fab Chanel is, because, well it’s never going to go out of style. From celebrities like Diane Kruger, Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman, Chanel graces the Red Carpet, and incorporates into celebrities every day style. One word, jealous.

Chanel is easily one of my top dream designers to add to my collection. Some people say spending over $3,000 on a purse is outrageous, and I’m going to take Ms. Coco Chanel’s advice on this one:

“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” -Coco Chanel

What Chanel piece would you love to have in your collection?


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