Adore Your Life: It’s a Prince (My Thoughts on this Long, Long did I say Long… Anticipated Day)

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably already heard the news that Prince William and Kate had a baby boy. Proceed to have your awe moments and baby naming parties, but we can probably bet were going to be playing the waiting game again before the little tot has a name worthy of a future king. 

While everyone else is going goo-goo-ga-ga over the new bundle of joy, believe me I to was the first to yell out of my office cube “Its a boy!” (the serious finance people across the way loved that one), but what’s on my mind is Prince Harry.

Fourth in line to the thrown, Prince Harry would be waiting for a long long while to ever see the title of king, but something tells me that being single and a prince, he wont have any trouble living the fab life. Now being a Prince William fan for most of my life, I never really noticed that Prince Harry is actually kinda cute, and that bad boy image is only helping him. 

In the wake of this celebratory time lets not forget ladies that even though Prince Harry has a summer romance girlfriend, there is no ring on that finger. So don’t give up hope. 

And Prince Harry…You can give me a call anytime. 

Congrats to Kate and William…and let the bets on the baby name begin….


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