Adore Your Style: Turn Something Old Into Something New

My mom says I’ve always been a fashionista. Ever since I could walk I was raiding her closet, trying on her clothes and of course accessorizing with her highest heels and prettiest jewelry. I guess that never changed because one weekend when I was home visiting from college I forgot all of my jewelry at school (tragic I know), so I figured I would just borrow some of my moms. That’s when I found this gorgeous ring. Rough around the edges yes, but for some reason I loved it. Therefore, I decided I  would permanently borrow it. 


Fast forward a couple of years later and I’m out of college, moved to New York away from my family and unfortunately my mothers stash of jewelry, when I come across the ring during a cleaning frenzy and I am transported to my childhood. After going to many jewelry stores looking for opal rings I just could never find one as beautiful as this one. So I decided to get the missing stone replaced and the ring cleaned. I found out that the ring was actually worth close to $300, and at $70 for the repair I couldn’t go wrong. After showing my mother (who was surprised I even had it….oops) and grandmother the new ring I was shocked to find out that it actually came from my great grandmother, which it makes it even more special that no store bought ring could ever match. Every time I wear the ring (which is every day, can you blame me?), I feel that a part of home is with me, and of course I love having pieces that are one of a kind.


The next time you find a great piece that might be a little rough around the edges take the time to get an estimate from a jeweler. Sometimes the piece is timeless and just needs a little tender loving care. 

Are you guilty of permanently borrowing items from your mom’s collection?


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